Frequently Asked Questions

You can always send us an email with your question(s), but here are the most common ones...

In order to sign up for our basketball session, you must enrol on our mailing list or add us on Facebook. This is required to avoid unexpected bookings and ensure that we have your contact details if a session is cancelled. You can register here. Once you have completed your registration the following actions will happen immediately :

  • You will be enrolled on our mailing list. We will e-mail with updates on sessions, extra game days and tournaments will be communicated directly to your inbox. You may select to unsubscribe at any given point and your information is not shared with anyone.
  • We will add you on our private facebook group so you can view all the current sessions.

We play every :

  • Tuesday from 20:00 – 22:00 at Bottisham Sports Center ( 1 Lode Road, Bottisham, Bottisham, Cambridge CB25 9DJ)
  • Thursday from 19:00 – 21:00 at Hills road sports & tennis center ( Purbeck Rd, Cambridge CB2 8PF)

Each week a unique doodle link is published on Facebook and e-mailed to your inbox. In order to allow everyone sufficient time to reserve a slot ( there is high demand) we have agreed to publish the links on fixed times :

  • For Tuesdays : The doodle link is published the next day ( Wednesday at 20:00 GMT)
  • For Thursdays: The doodle link is published the next day ( Friday at 20:00 GMT)

Unfortunately NO. We operate on a first come first served basis with a strictly limit of 15 players (3 teams of 5 players, full court scrimmage). All of our existing members comply fully with this policy and we have found out that it allows a smoother operation for the club. If you turn up without voting on Doodle you will not play.

First of all, ensure that you have updated your vote on that week’s doodle URL. If your circumstances change, please change your vote immediately from “Available” to “Non-available”. This will allow the next person on the waiting list to take your spot. Please ensure that there are at least 24 hours prior to your cancellation so there is sufficient time for someone else to take your spot.

We play twice per week for 2 hours, indoor basketball full court.

  • Tuesdays from 20:00 – 22:00 at Bottisham Sports Center ( 1 Lode Road, Bottisham, Bottisham, Cambridge CB25 9DJ)
  • Thursdays from 19:00 – 21:00 at Hills road sports & tennis center ( Purbeck Rd, Cambridge CB2 8PF)

We have a limit of 15 players per session. However, if someone has secured a slot in the first 15 in any given week, they will automatically go last for the week after. This implies that one player should not play back to back 2 weeks in a row ( Thursdays only) . Priority will be given to players who did not play the previous week. The easiest way to administer this is to amend the word “bottom” on your next reservation after your name when reserving on a 2nd consecutive week. This will guarantee at least 1 game ever two weeks for Thursdays to everyone. By going to the “bottom” on the queue we still apply the first come, first served rule, therefore if you are the first to sign up on the doodle and you have played the previous Thursday, you become number 16 (first reserve if someone drops). If you happen to be on a reserved slot ( did not play the previous week and did not make it for the current week in the first 15, please amend the word “reserved” next to your name). Reserves have priority over bottom.


The standard cost per session varies as per options below :

Tuesdays at Bottisham Sports Center : £4 for 2 hours or £5 if you are require a lift from / back to central Cambridge, or free if you bring at least 2 players with you.

Thursdays at Hills road : £6 for 2 hours

The cost may vary if we change venue or if there is a tournament but our intention is always to keep the price as low as possible. We are a non-profitable club and all proceeds go towards the operation of the club. The session cost covers :

  • Basketball court rental fee only

There is no insurance included in the cost and you are expected to provide your own basketball shoes and clothing. Basketballs are available by the club and changing facilities with showers are also included in the price. Refreshment drinks and snacks are also available next to the reception via vending machines.

At the end of each session, a nominated player will collect payment and record attendance. Each member may pay via :

  • Cash in person.
  • Bank transfer to the account details below after the session

Account Number : 454 872 78 Sort code : 60 04 27 Reference : Date of the game
Method : Online, BACS or mobile

  • PingIt (Barclays) : 07880 207 627 after the session
  • Paypal :

Please settle all outstanding debts ASAP.

We always encourage our members to avoid late cancellations. If you have to cancel please let the admin know ASAP, so he can allocate your slot to someone else. There is always a queue of standby players. We will not charge a cancellation fee if a replacement is available, however, if we are unable to fulfil that slot, you will have to pay the fee, even if you don’t turn up.

Game Rules

We normally restrict the session to a maximum of 15 players. We play full court always first to 4 baskets (not 4 points), after which winners stay on the court and losers substitute for the waiting players/team. We leave it up to the offence (actually only the person with the ball) to call the foul. If 2 consecutive fouls occur during the same attack a free throw is awarded – no rebounds. If the offence makes the basket it counts for 1 if it doesn’t the other team takes the ball and starts their attack.

We want to enable a fast pace game. By playing 4 baskets only, we force our players to run back on defence and chase every shot. This makes the game much more competitive and progressive. Each game normally lasts between 5 – 12 minutes subject to how good each team is shooting. We have tried different formats and this one seems to be working well with everyone. If you want to propose another format please let us know.

We do not count the fouls but we shoot free throws if two fouls happen during the same offensive play. We rely solely on honesty and dignity between our members. Ball handler only calls the foul ( offence ) and no one disputes or argues. Sometimes we will have calls that may not be fair so we shoot for the ball. We promote healthy yet competitive contact basketball by avoiding unsportsmanlike fouls. If excessive force is used either by defenders or offenders there are 3 disciplinary warnings by the club. If the player does not change his style a permanent ban is enforced. No bullying or violence is tolerated at all times.

Usually, we allow 15 minutes for a warm up, stretching and players to change clothes / shoes. Once everyone is ready, we line up on the baseline and 3 team captains are selected according to the skills available ( height, speed, experience, ball handling). We always try to balance the teams by ensuring equal distribution across all skills. Each captain selects a player in turn so by the end 3 teams of 5 players are compiled. We use have team jerseys (reversible) to identify the teams.

“Offence” is always calling the foul. Only the player who got fouled has the right to call for a foul, not a teammate. There is not dispute or argument if there was a foul or not. However, if someone keeps calling fouls and they are not, we will review it amongst the most experienced players. In order to avoid repetitive fouls when someone is driving in, we have implemented a new rule. If 2 fouls occur during an attack ( at any given player), after the 2nd foul the player who got fouled takes 1 free throw. The basket counts for 1 point and if he misses the free throw there is no rebound, the ball goes on the other team. The idea behind this is to stop people from making unnecessary fouls. The foul counter resets once the balls get stolen or if possession is changed. We only count fouls happening in the attacking half of the court, not on the inbound.